AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Camping


Adventure Awaits

From your own backyard to the great outdoors -- and everything in between.

The AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent was designed for rugged fun, no matter how rugged (or not) your trip may be!

The perfect tent for camping with your kids in the backyard (s'mores, anyone?!), or trekking out solo to explore the great outdoors -- with the AdventureX™, you'll never feel like you're roughing it!

4 Person Camping Tent outdoors
4 person camping tent waterproof windproof


....Virtually Indestructible

The AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent is perfect for camping or backpacking in all kinds of weather. A true three-season tent, the AdventureX™ was created with a two-layer design for maximum comfort.

Camping on a cool, wet, or windy day? Simply add the AdventureX™ ElementX Tent Fly. The highly durable 190T polyester fly is guaranteed to keep you extra dry and warm. On warmer sunny days, the fly can be easily removed and packed away to allow air to flow through the vented door and windows.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

What are you waiting for?

The AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent is the perfect option for easy, leisurely camping trips, but it's also a fantastic backpacking tent for anyone up for a little extra challenge!

Weighing in at a featherlight 7 pounds, the AdventureX™ Tent couldn't be easier to stow & go -- you'll hardly even notice it's there! It can easily be rolled up and stowed under your pack, but it also comes with its own convenient carrying case with Easy Grip straps.

4 person camping tent carrying bag

AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Camping Features

Check out more great features that make the AdventureX™ amazing.

4 person camping tent large door

Extra-Large Entry

The AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent comes standard with an extra-large doorway. Additionally, the interior walls are "vertically designed" -- they go UP as much as possible before doming at the top. This maximizes headspace and easily allows for up to 4 adults to fit comfortably.

4 person camping tent features

Attention to Detail

Every corner, nook, and cranny of the AdventureX™ was designed with comfort in mind. From the sturdy tent stakes, to the ElementX Tent Fly, to the roomy interior and the sporty design, you'll never have a better camping experience! It couldn't be easier to set up and take down, and can be packed up in record time -- so you can get going on your next adventure!

4 person camping tent airflow

Vented Airflow

No sleet nor hail...and NO HEAT! There's nothing worse than being trapped in a stuffy, hot, humid tent in the middle of summer! The AdventureX™ was designed with breathability in mind. The tent has vented gauze walls and a gauze window for cross-circulation cooling.

AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Camping Additional Specs:

  • Three season tent
  • Perfect for hikers, backpackers, car campers, and backyard adventurers!
  • Ultra lightweight at 7 pounds
  • Rugged and durable 190T polyester
  • Dimensions: 94" x 94" x 47"
  • Package Includes: (1) AdventureX™ 4 Person Tent Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Camping; (1) ElementX Tent Fly; (6) Tent Stakes; (2) Wind Ropes; (1) Carrying Case

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